I want strangers advertising & knowing I am a dirty sissy whore. I am using my real name, pics & info & will email to anyone that messages me and demands i do it – (no money involved, no spam) i know my pics & info will be posted online or in public…. mens rooms, truck stops, etc. & then me be told that it was done so that i know its too late to stop it. i will be exposed, recognized & humiliated as a public sissy whore with no mercy shown – my identity, info & pics used by strangers in the most nasty ways that people want – captioned, photoshopped, stories, profiles created for me on sites (i must confirm any emails i get from sites where profiles are made using my identity & give up the password if required) i want to be made to know that once i send i will have no control over where my name & pics go or what is done with them. My name and reputation will be ruined by total strangers for amusement with no way for me to stop it.I just have to accept who and what I am and live my true life. I am and always will be a Gay Submissive Sissy Bottom Gurl who craves and needs Dominant top Alpha Men. Please contact me if intetested or have any questions or advice: andreasschultze74@yahoo.com. I need my Sissy ass completely ruined, fucked and hard, DESTROYED. . I am a Sissy Cock-Whore, Cum-Slut Faggot …. I crave exposure, Big Hard COCKS, rough deep ANAL from Big strong ALPHA MEN. Please contact me at: andreasschultze74@yahoo.com

Name: Andreas Schnultze
Born: 08.10.1975
Location: Hessen Germany
car; Opel Corsa C ….BabyBlue
Age: 45
Penis: super-Smal (cut)
Body: Normal: 185cm/ 80kg; Blue Eye
Good 4: Exposure, Humiliate,BULLY, Real-Blackmail-forced-Whoring/slavery, Funtoy, Houscleaner, Boy-Urinal, whore, doggy, real-live and online use/abuse…and more….
Contact the fag:
KIK: FagLoserAndy

Teamviewer: 956 552 447 PW: Looser
AnyDesk: 565858199 PW: Looser75

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