Joshua Gonzalez
I have a secret, and it’s sick!

My name is Joshua Gonzalez from Apple Valley MN and i am a fag, not only am i a fag i want everyone to know what a bitch i am.

I love cock, not only that i love getting bred and fucked by dogs like a good bitch. The thought of people knowing that i am an actual bitch in heat excites me.


I am sure i was born for this, and the world needs to know i am just an animal that needs to be bred knotted and filled like a bitch by strong large dogs.





  1. Justin 8 months ago

    You are one nasty fag. Do you know good scores to get exposed on? Google image search for justin peterson exposed naked fag for more pics and info to use against me bro

  2. willie 7 months ago

    Wow! You are one HOT and JUICY faggot boy and i want to know ALL about your canine bitchboy adventures! How many dogs have semened in your faggot hole? What breeds do you like? How old were you when you took your first doggy cock up your hole? Tell me ALL!!!

  3. Paul Walden 2 months ago

    Hi Sissy you are my kind of a sissy extremely tiny but would you like your own very public sissy girlfriend

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