Probably gonna get banned but this will be worth it. My ex cheated on me with another girl. Hes an ass hole and I shoulda seen it coming. Hes a trump loving homophobe ass hole, so I figured the best way to get back at him is to let all you lovely boys have a peek at this loser and let you have his kik. Idk what you guys will do with this all but I have some high hopes. Honestly, if anyone is up for a shot it would make my world much happier if anyone is able to use this as leverage to make him send you guys stuff. He ruined me, so I’ll sleep much better knowing hes being made to do something he that is ruining him inside and knowing he is getting what he deserves. His kik is trippy0991

  1. Sammy 4 months ago

    What is his name and what city does he live in?

  2. Justin peterson 4 months ago

    Yeah cool. More here…….-Justin-Peterson

  3. Drew 4 months ago

    There is no way that tiny dick gave you any kind of satisfaction. Move on to bigger an better things girl. 😉

  4. Justin 6 days ago

    Yeah sure he is hahaha

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