I’m a complete faggot slave and a worthless, filthy total no limit pig!
Loved to used, abuse and nastier the better.
I will submit to all men in person or online to be molded into the faggot pig slave I am. also I have many pics and some vids. I enjoy doing tasks, assignments with proof.

I love to worship cocks and I will suck any and all cocks without question and I will suck any and all hot cocks anywhere and anytime I’m told to. I also enjoy eating ass!

As a faggot slave I enjoy B&D, spankings, being collared, owned queer slave pig as property without any rights, humiliation, degradation, exhibitionism, food play, totally exposed and outed as it doesn’t matter when people find out all about me no matter how embarrassing and disgusting.

I love cum in my face, on my chest and ass with multiple loads of cum in my mouth and ass and used as a cum dump for hot cocks!

I love golden showers to be pissed on and piss in my mouth, all over my body and on my ass with scat as an option.

As a queer pig slave i will service groups of cocks, made to set up random motel gangbangs meetings!

I am available for truckers and will service all trucker cocks!


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