Get featured on the homepage popup!

One of the best ways to get seen on is by having your picture and/or info shown on the homepage popup.
This will popup front and center for EVERYONE who visits the site.

Even if they are not interested in you, your pictures and details will show up smack bang in the middle of their screen. This means there is no way someone can accidently miss out on your content!
The popup is not free, and the cost will go towards paying the fees to keep this site live!

There is no set price, but instead I will take the first decent offer in USD that I get.
Depending how much you offer, you can be on the popup for a few days, week or even months!

You are able to have any picture, and any text you want on the popup!
You can also have a button on it linking to any site you wish!

To submit your offer, you can do one of the following:

Comment on this post.
Message “Admin” in the live chat with your offer
Send me a direct message via my profile here
Email me

Watch out for people pretending to be Admin, I will never contact you first about purchasing the spot, if you want it you must make first contact with me.
If someone is claiming to to be me, asking you to purchase the spot it’s a fraud/scammer




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