Hello everyone! I’m Sissy Sarah, my real name is Gene Burnett & I live in Bangor, Maine. I’m a prissy sissy & I’m looking for a master who would enjoy feminizing me completely. I want to become the sissiest sissy around! If you’re interested in me feel free to contact me:) egburn@yahoo.com

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    Gene Burnett 1 year ago

    I’m so naughty, I need a big strong man to spank me!:)

  2. Author
    Gene Burnett 1 year ago

    I’m so naughty! I need a big strong man to take me over his lap, pull my panties down & spank me hard! Hard enough to make me cry like a little girl. I’m a total prissy sissy, a pansy. I love wearing prissy dresses with lots of frills, bows & pink! I’ve even had fantasies about having a master/daddy or a mistress/mommy & they make me wear diapers & wear toddler styled clothing & sleep in an adult sized crib:) I have my own room, the walls & lots of other stuff in the room are pink. There’s stuffed animals & childrens toys, coloring books & children’s games. They treat me like a little girl, a very naughty little girl. I’m put in chastity (a pink cage) & I also spend a lot of time with a butt plug in. I wear really short prissy sissy dresses so everyone can see I’m diapered. This is all part of my sissy training. If I’m a good girl they let me wear big girl clothes sometimes. I honestly can’t imagine anyone being more submissive than me. I’ve NEVER felt like a man & if there’s any masculinity left in me at all it’s not much! Feel free to contact me here or you can email me egburn@yahoo.com I LOVE being exposed & humiliated. Spread my name & the truth about me EVERYWHERE! Thank you:)

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