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Steven Beckett


55 years, 11 months ago


I am a faggot! I cannot escape being a faggot. No matter where I go, or what I do, I always end up on my knees like a fagot should, whether in life or mind.

I was trained as a boy to be submissive and and as a young man trained to accept femininity as a form of my progression.

I cannot walk into a department store without admiring and longing to try on all the pretty, girly, slutty, sexy things that a real woman takes for granted.

While I fear and tremble like a school girl getting ready for her first date, I long for the exposure and taunting that comes from being a faggot. The names to be called and the humiliation to be endured are important parts of this transformation. The ultimate thrill is that the truth might be known, leaving me no option but to admit my position and hang my head in both shame and acceptance of what I really am!

Some men have been kind and gentle as they led me to the joys of being used by and servicing men! Some have been powerful, strong and demanding.  Those who took control, who were were hard and rough, who took what they wanted how they wanted, though none were vicious these were the Men who broke me, who forced all semblance of manhood from my being and brought me to my knees in every way imaginable as I exchanged being a masculine man  for being a sissy faggot.

Thanks to every man who led, took control, who guided me to this place of humility as I openly admit I am a faggot

And now that I am here, those of you who are real men know what to do with a little worthless sissy faggot like me! Out me! Expose me! Share me! Shame me! Abuse me! Do as you please!


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