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Christopher Jason Suse


58 years, 9 months ago


United States of America




Chris Suse’ Sissification and SPH by Bernadette Pottabaum continued to enforce what the secret cocksucker knew all along…

When Chris was trying to have sex with her, she dominated and humiliated me, and I LOVED IT. She declared “this is not going to work” as the soon to be totally sissified chump, Chris Suse, tried fucking her reverse cowgirl. Bernadette knew, as the mincing faggot was trying to guide in his 5.5 inch clitty to her dominate hot young pussy, that the losers tiny dicklette would never get past her perfect bubble butt ass checks and into her hot pussy. This 22 y/o Red Hot Bitch with a perfect ass totally dominated Chris Suse, and took control of the attempted sex act by simply telling ‘him’ that “this is not going to work”…unspoken, ‘your cock is too small for my perfect ass’ and she lifted her tight, young hardbody off the loser, got dressed, and left.

The bitch sissified and feminized Chris Suse that night, and her actions haunt the humiliated loser some 30+ years later.

After she left, I used two fingers to rub my clitty until it dribbled out a small amount of cum…remembering my prom date from five years earlier telling me, as I attempted fucking her hot ass doggie style, that “it’s not in far enough”. Meena, the humiliatrix teen mindfucked me from then on, but never, EVER let me touch her again. Meena and her hot 18 y/o girlfriends and I were driving somewhere, and Meena started telling the other girls about how huge her boyfriends cock is. The girls would make her show with her hands how big her real man’s cock is, and they all said they want to meet him. I caught Meena looking directly at me as they all squealed and gushed over thoughts of her boyfriends cock, while I kept hearing her words “it’s not in far enough”, and she laughed at me, mouthing “LOSER” to me. I knew I had to get my lips around a big cock and suck off a real man, wishing it was her boyfriend, to fulfill Meena’s goal and desire for me to never again try to fuck a girl, but be #pussyfree forever, and suck on real men’s cocks while staring at her picture and hearing her laughing at me.

Meena and I went to the lake with my sister and her boyfriend one day and my sister’s boyfriend wore a speedo that revealed he had a HUGE, real man’s cock, just like Meena needed. When I saw Meena staring at his cock intensely, I too started and lusted after his dick, and felt the sweet combination of betrayal, lust, getting cucked by my girlfriend with my sisters boyfriend, and my desire to start sucking his dick right there in front of them all…if only to get more humiliation and give her more tools to totally destroy any traces of masculinity left in me.

Meena moved away and after a year came back, and started whispering in my girlfriends ear god knows what. The next thing I know, my girlfriend is breaking up with me because she “deserves a real man’s dick”, and she heard that Andy Sinadinos ‘has a really big dick’. I went to the local college’s busiest bathroom to fullfill the purpose of my life, brought to my girlfriends attention by Meena, and solidified forever when Cindy dumped me and started fucking ‘real men’. As I sucked some strangers cock on my knees, I kept thinking how Meena’s total destruction of my manhood was complete, and how Meena made sure I would be #pussyfree, and so I took a video of me sucking cock, sent it to Meena, and asked her to send it to Cindy to forever keep me in my place as never, ever, a real man, but a sissy, faggot, cocksucker, forever.

Then I met Janice who showed me what I truly am, a sissy cocksucker who’s purpose is to make Big Black Cocks cum, and I have accepted her wisdom and guidence of being forever, #pussyfree, and continue to be a girl, effeminate for BBC and never again try any more pathetic attempts of being a real man with my useless clitty. Janice invites her hot girlfriends over to watch her cuckold me with real men, and I crave hearing the hot bitches laugh at me and look at me with disgust as I clean up and suck her boyfriends, real man’s cock.

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