Apr 16, 2019
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Gay sissy secretly poses in friend’s clothes!!

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Please spread and share this so my friend might see this & confront me about crossdressing in her clothes!!

Heeeeeey. I’m Shawna SissyToes! I am a closet, bisexual, sissy crossdresser with a tiny, little clitty cock!! I have a female friend who has a very nice wardrobe and heel/shoe collection that would make any sissy jealous!! I had a couple opportunities to go through her drawers and wear lots of her sexy lingerie, clothes, and heels while she was away from her home! I wore lots of her feminine clothing and heels and then pranced around and modeled her clothes while I showed off my tiny sissy cock and took some gay sissy selfies!! The thrill of strutting around in other women’s clothes while they are away is exhilarating and turns me on very much. I almost get high off the rush knowing she could return home any second and catch me in her girly clothes and heels!! I actually always wanted her to catch me prancing around in her things and humilaite me and take me out in her clothes to expose me to everyone and let them know that I am a sissyboy!!! Hopefully she would make me her sissy slave/maid and serve her and her friends while I sashay around in a sissy dress and some cute heels!

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I'm a closet, gay sissyboy who loves to dress up in women's clothes and heels! I have my own girly clothes, but I always enjoy sneaking into other women's wardrobes & wearing their sexy clothes and girly footwear!

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