• Basic
    Semi Permanent Exposure*
    Exposure Featured On The Home Page
    Exposed Queer Badge
    Exposure Shared On Several Twitter Accounts (9K+ Followers)
    Skip The Queue Exposure Featured within 24hours
    Get To Sign A Exposure Contract
  • Premium
    All Of Basic
    Queer/Fag ID created and shared
    Exposure Shared To Our Network of Sites
    Submit2me.com and More


Exposure Package Details

To order an exposure package, click contact Admin. You will be sent to the admin’s profile from there you can message the Admin

When sending Admin a message about the sissy packages. make sure to state which package you want and which country you are from.

Admin will then reply with the best payment method to use for your country.

If you are not a member of the site, or cannot figure out how to send a message you can contact the admin via email imaqueer2019@gmail.com

Once payment is made you will then get an exposure contract to sign and instructions on what content to send.
Basic and premium packages will be completed within 48 hours of getting your content and having signed the contract.
In most cases, the package will be published within 24 hours.

All packages require an exposure contract to be signed before the exposure is published, these require you to have a valid proof of age card or document. (This will never be made public on the site)
Make sure you really want to be exposed before sending payment, payments cannot be refunded if you pay and then change your mind.

All exposure packages have a $ 50 USD removal fee. You can not remove paid exposure packages like you can with your own exposures.  You must get Admin to do it for you after paying the fee.

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